Planet Burma
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This is a web site of about 250 pages, all to do with Burma. It is run by the Britain-Burma Society. You are very welcome here - whether you are "Burmese", "Myanmar" or other. Pages are regularly updated.
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Book World (20 pages)

Book news, reviews, web sites and shop.
Pictures of Burma
(17 pages)
Colour paintings and photos, and vintage black-and-whites.
Web sites (1 page) Reviews of Burma web sites - and live links to them.
Society World (13 pages)
Click here for the latest from the Britain-Burma Society - on who we are, what we do, our committee, calendar and activities.
(47 pages)
Includes special material and facilities for Society members throughout the world. Latest book reviews and substantial discounts on new books on Burma; access to the substance of 14 recent Society lectures; History and Research areas, and facilities for members to work together on common interests.
Enrolment New members can join from around the world.
Lost Relatives Have you lost touch with a relative who was once in Burma? Or could you help trace somebody else's missing relative?


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