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To Julie Mckenzie,

I am replying to your query for a lost person, which I saw on the Britain-Burma Society's Lost Relatives web page (http://shwepla.net/Misspers.mv). You said:

Any information on Irwin Walker, Last Ditcher. would be appreciated the following is all I can

find. He returned to Cumberland England where he died July 1965.

Irwin Walker, Chief Engineer, Rangoon Municipal Corporation awarded the O.B.E. for

courageous service in helping people to escape from Burma to India 
Mr Walker was in charge

of the vital water supply and sanitation services of Rangoon up till the very end when he left

with the final contingent. During the last period, when only the demolition party was left in

Rangoon. Mr Walker, at great personal risk, undertook the repair of the water supply at a

point some distance from the town, where there had been sabotage. Without the water and

sanitation services the demolition parties would have found real difficulty in remaining in

Rangoon to complete their work.

Mr. Walker was also responsible for the demolition of a number of smaller factories and mills

from which the personnel had fled.

Earlier he had rendered very valuable service in charge of the civil defence rescue and repair

services and was responsible for designing and constructing a type of air-raid shelter,

suitable for the climate of Rangoon, which stood up very successfully to Japanese bombing.

Maybe I can help a bit.
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