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To Dawn Fraser Kawahara,

I am replying to your query for a lost person, which I saw on the Britain-Burma Society's Lost Relatives web page (http://shwepla.net/Misspers.mv). You said:

Name: William James Fraser Born: August 1909, Maymyo, Upper Burma, Br.

India Missing since March 1948

Parents: Capt. James Fraser, M.D., & Mabel Rose (Parselle) Fraser

Brothers: James, Alexander and Robert (all deceased)

Sisters: Ruby, Gwenneth, Jeanette, Flora (all deceased)

Childhood in Maymyo, Upper Burma, Br. India. Home, Sandyknowe Farm

Schooled in Maymyo, Government High School, field engineering courses,

Chittagong, Burma. Married: Pansy Katherine Gooch Harris, childhood

sweetheart, also brought up in Maymyo, Burma. Children: Wendy Rose

Fraser Campbell, (Pamela) Dawn Anne Fraser Kawahara.

Description: At time of disappearance, Height 5’10”. Eyes & hair brown.

Distinctive widow’s peak hairline. Handsome and well spoken, a

“gentleman.” Athletic; a runner. Further information:

Language skills: spoke fluent Hindustani and other Indian and Burmese

languages and dialects. Jungle and hunting knowledge: was an expert

marksman; knew jungle trails/tracks; was an experienced motorcycle

rider.Personality/social appearance: presented himself as handsome and

“charming,” well-groomed, and well-spoken. Negative traits: rum habit.

Excess liquor tended to increase moodiness and brought on occasional

bouts of violent temper.

Work experience:

1934-1940: Asst. Labor Mgr., Digboi, Burma. 1940-1943: Navigator aboard

Royal Indian Navy (RIN) ship Prabhavatti, Persian Gulf (vessel lost,

Bombay Harbor, 1943). 1943: invalided out of RIN; Asst. Mgr. Brooke

Bonds Tea Company, Calcutta, India. 1944: brief assignment to Delhi

British troop center, followed by Army Civil Affairs Service Bureau

(CASB) special missions, Arakan Jungle; 1945: Welfare Officer, Mandalay,

Burma; several months stationed in Tharawaddy, Burma. 1946, March-

August: stationed Mandalay, Burma. Worked w/U Tha Doke, Supt. Engineers.

1946: departed in September to relocate in Collaroy (Sydney), Australia.

1947-1948 (prior to March resignation and disappearance): Sales

Representative Prudential Insurance Co., Sydney.

William may have returned to Burma (or India, S.E. Asia) to work in the

labor management field under his own or an assumed name.

One sighting was reported in the late 1940s: A Maymyo, Burma,

boyhood friend of Alexander Fraser wrote to Alec in Australia, where he,

like William, had relocated. He said that he’d been surprised to see his

younger brother Bill deplaning at Insein Airport, Mandalay. No member of

family has had any direct word or contact from William since March 1948.

His daughters think he may have traveled back to Rangoon,

Mandalay or Maymyo, Burma, and/or to North India, Assam area. Or he may

have returned to Singapore, Malaysia, via ship from Sydney shortly after

March 1948. William may have taken another identity; he may have


A copy of a letter William wrote before his disappearance to his

chief clerk and friend, U Dwe, requested information on work contacts. U

Dwe at that time was working as the depot officer of Mandalay’s New

Civil Line for the Kyaukthabeik Depot Timber Project Board.

Maybe I can help a bit.
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