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To Pippa Stennett,

I am replying to your query for a lost person, which I saw on the Britain-Burma Society's Lost Relatives web page (http://shwepla.net/Misspers.mv). You said:

I'm looking for my great grandmother's family, her name was Ma Nyan Mears. She was

the mother of my grandfather. My grandpa, James Mears (who has now passed away)

was born in Maymyo, Burma on 4th Dec 1916 who left Burma in 1922 with his father Paul

Hope Mears and sister Molly Mears (born 25 October 1913). He left behind his mother Ma

Nyan Mears, brother George Mears and sister Elsie Mears. Paul Mears was a district

superintendent in the Imperial Police stationed in Prome, Malay, Maymyo and Rangoon. If

anyone knows the whereabouts of George or Elsie Mears, or should they have got married

and had children, the whereabouts of their children etc. please get in touch.

The last known address Ma lived at was 29, 88th st, Kandawgalay, Rangoon, Burma

Maybe I can help a bit.
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