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To Dr. Kyaw MYINT,

I am replying to your query for a lost person, which I saw on the Britain-Burma Society's Lost Relatives web page (http://shwepla.net/Misspers.mv). You said:

Ko Mya Bu's father was late Highcourt judge U Si Bu, my mother's (Daw Ohn Sein @ Wa Wa) eldest brother.

U Si Bu sent his son Ko Mya Bu, my 1st couson to UK around 1945/46 to study Law to follow his footstep. Ko Mya Bu might be around 15, 16 at that time. U Si Bu passed away around 1952 and Ko Mya Bu remaind contected with his mother till early 60s.

Two of my cousons met him when they were in UK in 60s and early 70s. He did not continue his Law I supposed but according to the first cousin he was holding a high position in Cadbery Company, incharge of southern England. According to the second couson who had visited his house said that Ko Mya Bu's house was at good locality in London, married to English lady and had a son, who must be over 50 by now.

When the 3rd couson went to England about 30 years ago he tried to locate Ko Mya Bu but not successful. While my Two daughters were studying in UK few years back they tried again. However, as they were busy with their study they could not give much time.

I left Burma in 1976 and working in Kula Lumpur, Malaysia since then as Academic staff in Faculty of Medicine.

Ko Mya Bu, if he is arround he must be nearly 80. Of course, I myself and my children would like to have contacts with him and his family.

Thank you,

Kyaw Myint

Maybe I can help a bit.
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