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To Theresa,

I am replying to your query for a lost person, which I saw on the Britain-Burma Society's Lost Relatives web page (http://shwepla.net/Misspers.mv). You said:

I am looking for my father and his family. I know my father name, but I am not quick sure about how to spell it.

His first name: Olipa. His surname: Okabo.

That I know about him is that he is business man travelling around the world.

My mother is from the mountain, the place call Maitung or something like that....My mother name: Naoutthe okabo.

I know from I was little girl, that my father have a sister living in the second big town in Burma. Moesseat.

I can't spell the city eder.

I know I have one sister in Califonia, but not same mother born in Feb about 1976.

I cannot spell my own name eder, but here it is: Latixavu Olipa Okabo.

That all I rember for more 20 year ago.

I just want to know if they are alive and them to know that I am alive. I have 3 beautiful kids today.

Maybe I can help a bit.
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