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To Rowland Milner,

I am replying to your query for a lost person, which I saw on the Britain-Burma Society's Lost Relatives web page (http://shwepla.net/Misspers.mv). You said:

I am trying to trace my sister Kathleen Antoinette (pet name Netta), born 12.6.1921, and my youngest brother Reginald Oscar Mellican, born 15.8.1934.

My sister and my mother Kate (née Carter) Mellican, born 23.12.1898, were reported as having been evacuated by plane from Burma in 1942.

My father, Arthur Rupert or Robert Mellican, was born on 2.1.1896, and married my mother at St.Mary’s R.C.Cathedral, in Rangoon, Burma.

I left home, to join the 3rd. Light A.A.R.A in Rangoon, on 1.9.1941, and that was the last time I saw my family, Netta (born 1921), Patrick (born 1925), Kingsley (born 1930), Bridget (born 1932), and Reginald (born 1934).

My sister Netta and I were born in Rangoon, and my other brothers and sister were born in Moulmein, Burma.

I was actively engaged with the Japanese invasion of Burma, and later learnt in India whilst I was in the Burma Intelligence Corps, that my entire family had perished, attempting the trek through the jungle, from Myitkyina (North Burma) to India via the Hukawng Valley - Shinbwiyang - Tipong - Margherita. This was reported to the Administrator North Margherita. Another report I heard, was that my father, who had progressed some way with Reginald, handed the little boy to some Gurkhas onward to India. My father’s trade was an engineer, and he served with the Irrawaddy Flotilla Co. Rangoon, Prison Service Rangoon, and finally in the Moulmein Municipal Corporation from 1930-41.

I would be extremely grateful, if someone could possibly give me even the smallest lead to my sister Netta’s, and/or my brother Reginald’s, whereabouts.

Maybe I can help a bit.
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