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What's New?

NB - links in green are available to Society members only.
  1. BBS Christmas Dinner at Lahpet: Thursday,13th December 2018 at 7.00pm at 58 Bethnal Green Road, E1 6JW (see details to make your reservation)

  2. Look on our UK Events page for an exciting series of events in the second half of 2017.
  3. ** Our congratulations to Patricia Herbert, on our Council, for being awarded an MBE in the New Year Honours, "for services to Anglo-Burmese relations". (Jan 2017)
  4. Society members may like to see a tribute to Daw Mya Mya, a pillar of the Society from the 1960s. This is the work of her family. Go HERE. (May 2016)
  5. A new book review:
    Saffron Shadows and Salvaged Scripts by Ellen Wiles is reviewed by Anna Allott.
  6. An event in the UK not directly connected with the Britain-Burma Society: a Burmese Food Fair on Saturday 11th October. See flyer for more information. (Oct 2014)
  7. Society members can now see a copy of the Society's Constitution. on this web site - also available from the members' area. (August 2014)
  8. Society members who attended Tony Whitten's talk about conservation on the Myeik Archipelago on Tuesday 27th March 2014 will be interested in this illustrated reminder of his key points: "Journey in the Deep South". (March 2014)
  9. On Tuesday 3rd December, Britain-Burma Society members will be invited to join in a special Christmas dinner on board the R.S. Hispaniola Bar & Restaurant Boat, moored at the Victoria Embankment, London WC2N 5DJ. Please download details (Nov 2013)
  10. On Friday 13th September, Britain-Burma Society members will be able to join a visit to the Victoria and Albert Museum, where there will be a special display of Burmese Buddhist sculpture in the Buddhist Sculpture Gallery. Please download details (July 2013)
  11. An illustrated version has reached this web site of Caroline Courtauld's talk on Tuesday 26th March 2013 titled "Myanmar: Burma in Style". This version shows some of the brilliant photos of Burma for which her books have been famous.(May 2013)
  12. The Anglo-Thai Society is very well disposed towards us, and has invited Britain-Burma Society members to attend any of its events as if they were Anglo-Thai members. In particular they have their annual reception in the House of Lords on Monday 3rd June - but if you want to go to that, phone Trevor Knox immediately on 0114 2368 129. See a list of their activities for the rest of the year on ATS.doc (May 2013)
  13. An event in London not directly connected with the Britain-Burma Society: a lecture on Thursday 21st March by Vicky Bowman on the "Society, History and Culture" of Burma at the premises of the Medical Society of London. See flyer for more information. (Mar 2013)
  14. Burma Trip 2013. Download the latest update. (Feb 2013)
  15. Four new book reviews:

  16. The Britain-Burma Society 2013 Calendar is now on sale! Click on the link and see if you like it.
    With your orders please send cheques made payable to Britain-Burma Society and post to:-
    Mrs Barbara Brown
    Britain-Burma Society
    'HAKA', 202 Croham Valley Road, South Croydon, Surrey CR2 7RB. (Nov 2012)
  17. On 17th May 2012, Professor Robert H Taylor spoke to the Society under the challenging title Myanmar: from Army Rule to Constitutional Rule? Click on the title to see the Asian Affairs version of his talk. (Jul 2012)
  18. And nearly a month later, on 12th June 2012, Charles Nelson talked about the remarkable medical work of Merlin, up and down Burma. CLICK HERE. to see an Adobe Reader version of his talk. (Jun 2012)
  19. See our UK events page for the details of a historic appearance of Daw Aung San Suu Kyi at the Royal Festival Hall on Friday 22nd June - where she will be meeting the Burmese community of the UK..(Jun 2012)
  20. Burma Trip 2013. On 28th May 2012 the Society circulated a tentative itinerary for the Britain-Burma Society group travel to Burma in February 2013, a copy of which can be downloaded from here. Members were invited to let Barbara Brown know of any variants to the tour which they proposed - including starting earlier or staying on later.
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  22. Calendar 2013. The Society intends to produce a Calendar for 2013, and is looking for photographs from members depicting the scenery/people of Burma. Could photos please be sent to Barbara Brown either by email or post. The Council will decide the best ones to use and the calendar will be on sale at the October Reception.
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  24. Our UK events page now has the details of a Burmese Water Festival Food Fair to be held in the Napier Hall, London on 29th April..(Apr 2012)
  25. Four book reviews:

  26. A new book review by Dr Desmond Kelly - of Atsuko Naono's book State of Vaccination: The Fight Against Smallpox in Colonial Burma
  27. Three book reviews:
  28. On 6th May, the title of our lecture was 'An Innocent in Mrauk U', and the speaker was our retiring Secretary, Derek Brooke-Wavell. The form of the talk was also new - using a meld of slides and video techniques on the big screen. That talk is now on this website, and Society members can reach it by CLICKING HERE.. For the first time the talk can be seen, and heard too, in the original video form. (May 2010)
  29. On our Council page - details of our new Membership Secretary, Barbara Brown. (March 2010)
  30. Our Society's Calendar of lectures in London has been updated, with more details of our 2010 programme. (March 2010)
  31. A new book review - novelist Wendy Law-Yone reviews a remarkable new book on Burmese art -Burmese Painting by Andrew Ranard (Dec 2009)
  32. Our events page has the details of a Christmas cultural event and fair for Burma in Oxford on 6th December.(Nov 2009)
  33. On 7th May, our lecture was on a prodigious figure on the prewar Burmese scene - Professor Gordon Luce. Dr Pamela Gutman told how Professor Luce, with his many contacts among Britain's most famous literary figures of the time, was able to register the importance of Burmese artistic achievements on the western consciousness for the first time. CLICK HERE. to see the text of her talk - with all her slides too. (Jun 2009)
  34. Members of the Britain-Burma Society are asked - what more can we do for you? (And what would you like us to stop doing!?) Please find time if you can for our new opinion sampler. There are only five questions - answer any three of them and we will be very pleased! (June 2009)
  35. A new book review - historian Dr Michael Charney reviews Robert Taylor's tome The State in Myanmar (May 2009)
  36. This year's Calendar of Burmese Festivals has been corrected and updated. The chart (which can be reached by clicking "Festivals" below) offers computer predictions of the Burmese lunar calendar, and hundreds of festivals whose dates are tied to it, till the end of the 21st Century - but in the last resort, it is Burmese astrologers who decide the exact day, so corrections of a day or so are sometimes necessary. In addition, this year the Burmese government has decreed an extra national ten-day holiday from 12th to 21st April - perhaps intended as an equivalent of the UK's extended Christmas/New Year holiday. It is to be expected that Burmese embassies abroad will also be on holiday on these days - so get your visa at some other time if you need one! (March 2009)
  37. Our Society's Calendar of lectures in London has been updated, with photos and details of our 2009 programme. (March 2009)
  38. An obituary on one of our much-loved former Council members, Mavis Edwards, who died in January aged 93. (Feb 2009).
  39. On 4th November, Diana Millington and Genette Dagtoglou gave Society members a talk on ways in which they and others in the UK have been able to help the teaching of the English language in many parts of Burma. Britain-Burma Society members can see a full website version of Diana's talk, with pictures, in our Members' Area - if you are a member, you can CLICK HERE. to get there. (Nov 2008)
  40. There is a new book review of Almost Englishmen - Baghdadi Jews in British Burma. The book is by Ruth Cernea, and the review is by Patricia Herbert.
  41. Two art exhibitions in London in February, featuring Burmese artists, are listed on our UK Future Events page.
  42. October 2007 marked the 50th anniversary of the foundation of the Britain-Burma Society - in October 1957. To mark the occasion, our October Reception in 2007 included a review of Highlights from the Society's History by a former Secretary of the Britain-Burma Society - Anna Allott OBE. You can find this brief history on the open part of our web site, by clicking here (November 2007)
  43. There is a new book review - Return to the Irrawaddy by Frank Kingdon-Ward is reviewed by Colleen Beresford. (November 2007)