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Planet Burma - Inventory of Monuments at Pagan

by Pierre Pichard

Pagan is Burma's foremost historical site and was the capital of the first dynasty to unify Burma between the 11th and 13th centuries AD. Pagan also ranks as one of the world's most spectacular and important Buddhist places. At Pagan there are over 2,000 religious monuments spread over an area of sixteen square miles.
The Inventory consists of one or several pages for each monument, with a special layout presenting the line drawings, photographs and descriptive text. There is also a full introduction in English, French and Burmese, together with extensive notes, tables and maps. This represents one of the most distinguished and important publishing projects of our times. The Inventory is not just visually impressive, but represent the first complete record of Pagan's spectacular two thousand plus Buddhist monuments.
1992 - Nine volumes of 432 pages, 2,400 line drawings,
10,000 B & W photos, 8 sector maps and a 900 x 1280mm
folded map. Volumes 1-5 now published.
PRICE: 85.00 or US$130.00 per vol.