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The "Britain-Burmese Society" was founded in 1957 under the auspices of Lord Louis Mountbatten of Burma. Its members share a serious interest in Burma - a professional interest as writers, academics, diplomats etc, or long personal experience of the country. They include Burmese people overseas. The Society is non-political - you are advised to look at the sheet of Frequently Asked Questions for what that means in practice.

The Society welcomes all nationalities and is moved by a desire for friendship and understanding with the Burmese people, and devotion to their interests. Members undertake to respect the Society's high nature and purpose.

New members should be prepared to give as well as receive. Perhaps you could contribute a lecture in London, or useful material to the Research area of our web site. We shall provide the means for members to make contact with each other and share expertise across geographical boundaries. When a member publishes a new book, the Society helps publicise it. When outside authors and television producers look for particular expertise or experience, we put them in touch with the right members.

Members Zone of the Web Site
Up to now this includes the following areas: (more to follow - and would members please suggest what would be most useful to them, and in which areas they have something to contribute?)
  1. The substance of 48 lectures (so far) at the Britain-Burma Society. Since 2000, these Internet versions have normally been illustrated with slides from the original lecture. Future lectures will also be made available to members whenever possible.
  2. Links to brief notes on 122 books on Burma, in 133 back issues of Society meeting notices.
  3. 8 (so far) full-length reviews of books on Burma.
  4. A mechanism for claiming Society discounts on new books - some of them substantial.
  5. A Research area - and History area. Autobiographical material will be considered.
  6. A full and up-to-date list of our members - who currently number 486, with a facility to contact any of those who are on email (384 at present).
  7. See our fuller Guide to the Members Area
Out of consideration for our members and other visitors, this web site is an "ad-free zone", as far as flashing advertising banners are concerned.

Mailing List

Members receive a notice about ten days before each lecture, giving details of the speaker and subject, the dates of future meetings, notes on the latest books on Burma, and forthcoming events, plus details of significant additions to the web site.

Conditions of Membership
The Society is non-political, and moved by a desire for friendship and understanding with the Burmese people, and devotion to their interests. Members undertake to respect the Society's high nature and purpose, and to treat each other with courtesy. Members must also respect each others' copyright and confidentiality, and those of the Society. In particular, members undertake not share their Internet password with others.
The more personal information a member provides on joining, the more he or she is likely to get out of membership. We plan to start sending our existing members a bit of interesting information about new members, to serve as an introduction. If you are willing to share what you write in the "About you" and "Interests" sections, with other members only, then please check the check box near the bottom of the form. Apart from that, all your details and particularly postal and e-mail addresses will be kept absolutely confidential.

The Society keeps its subscription low as a matter of policy. The annual subscription is now 20.00.

Membership Enrolment Form

If you have decided to join us, we are very pleased to welcome you into the Britain-Burma Society. Please fill in the form and click on the button beneath it. The 20.00 subscription can be paid from anywhere, by credit card over a secure server.
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Check this box if you prefer to keep private even from other members what you have written in the "About you" and "Interests" sections.
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