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Frequently Asked Questions
Q. When I join, how safe is it for me to enter my credit card information?
Q. Will my postal address and e-mail address be kept secret?
Q. Does the Britain-Burma Society support Daw Aung San Suu Kyi?
Q: Why have you put Burma and Myanmar on different planets, and how do I get to the right one first time?
Q: Why do you show the text of searches that have been made on your Lost Relatives page, but you don't show replies that members of the public have sent in?
Q: Why have little notes about bookmarking appeared on the top left of many pages?
Q. Can I see a map of all the subjects and facilities in the members' area?
Q: Looking at the map of your members' area, it seems you have more good stuff in there than the rest of the web site. Why not open it to everyone?
Q. How does the joining mechanism work?
Q. How do I get in touch with other members by email?
A. After logging in you will find a new link, List, at the bottom of the screen to the right of MEMBERS AREA. Clicking on the link will take you to a full current list of members - you may have to wait ten seconds or so for it to form. We don't give out postal or email addresses, to prevent spam. However, members who are on email will have SEND EMAIL next to their name on the list; click on that, and a text field will appear in which you can compose a short message to introduce yourself to the member of your choice. Members who receive such messages - identified by the words at the top "Message from the Britain-Burma Web Site" - can then, if they wish, reply by normal e-mail, which will tell the sender what their address is.
I am afraid we must require members who send messages from this page NOT to send what amounts to advertising material. If anyone receives spam or abusive mail through this route, please let the Secretary know.

The same membership list contains brief self-introductions from many of our members.

Q. If a member leaves the member's area, does he or she have to log in again to return?
Q. I did not leave the web site but was asked to log in again. What did I do wrong?
Q. What is to stop a member giving away his nickname and password to all and sundry?
Q. Do you think of yourself as a learned society or a friendship association?
Q. What is the address of the Society's offices in London?
Q: Does the Society have a statement of its aims?
Q: Who are the Society's officers?
Q: What are the dates and subjects of the next few meetings?
Q: What does the motto in Burmese mean, in the Britain-Burma Society logo?
Q. Do I have to be of either British or Burmese origin to join?
Q. General
Q. I find I have to choose Planet Burma every time I visit this web site. Surely the system should remember my preference?
Q. Text is too small.

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