top.focus(); var spielCounter=(0)*1; spiels=new Array(); spiels[0]=" PWE CHART QUICK START:
    To activate a new chart, please choose a year, and decide whether you want to see all the festivals or just look up Burmese equivalents for international dates.
    If you are only interested in 2018, click straightaway on the big downward arrow button (above):. Otherwise, you will first need to change the year to a higher or lower figure. If you want to look at next year's festivals, press on the 'up' arrow at the top left. To look up your birth date on the Burmese calendar, perhaps, press the small 'down' arrow below it. When the year figure has changed to what you want, click the bigger downward button." spiels[1]="    On an active chart, pass the mouse pointer over the names of villages etc for a quick description of the pwe - and a red spot will flash on the map to show where it is. Click on the place name for a fuller description.
    If the map is getting in the way, you can drag it to a more convenient place, or hide it using the button. You are also advised to hide this Help corner when you have read it (using the button). It can be called up again if necessary."; spiels[2]="On the live chart (though not the dummy one) you can line up a straight horizontal line under dates which interest you, by moving the mouse pointer down the left hand 'Mon, Tue, Wed' column until it gets to the right height.
    The Burmese (lunar) dates should be correct for a century backwards. You can also go forward as far as 2099 - but future dates are computer predictions which could be a day or two out (the confirmed dates are only announced year by year by the relevant authorities in Burma)."; spiels[3]="If you are looking for a particular pwe, there are four ways to find it:
  1. By area of Burma, which you can discover from the vertical columns of the chart (labelled at the bottom).
  2. By lunar month - look down the right-hand column.
  3. By town or village - use the 'Find' mechanism on your computer.
  4. By key words - e.g. 'cave' or 'buffalo' or 'Shwesettaw'. Click on the button above."; var pre="
    " var postBeg="
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