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REFERENCE! Comprehensive Calendar of Burmese Nat and Pagoda Festivals for the Year 2000.
Britain-Burma Society
Regular meetings are at: the Medical Society of London, 11 Chandos Street, LONDON W.1.
Admission is £5.00 per person.
Meetings are confined to members and their guests - and are subject to reporting restrictions.
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Tue 2nd February 1999
Slides from Prof. Stephen Smith:
"Burma Over and Over Again" Summary on e-mail for members
His speciality is Clinical Pharmacology, but that's only by the way. This is Professor Smith's display of his best slides taken during eight trips to Burma, on projects related to the Colombo Plan, WHO and British Council. His latest visit was a year ago.

Remote places, archeology, fine arts and the capture of opium pushers, all are numbered among his pursuits.

Thu 3rd February 2000
Diplomatic Incursions, 1995-99 Flier for membersSummary on e-mail for members
by Pam and Robert Gordon

Duties in Rangoon did not prevent Robert Gordon (HM Ambassador) and his Pam (teacher) from getting up country, by car, elephant, jungle railway and river boat, from the Chin Hills all the way across to Tenasserim. For their four children these were adventures on which to make new friends. Their story is illustrated with colour transparencies.
Thursday 11th March 1999
Burmese Antiques Road Show

Members were invited to bring their best Burmese lacquerware, silver, fabrics, and Buddha images with inscriptions, to hear the wisdom of a panel of experts.

There was public examination of a limited number of items "on the platform" and on a large monitor screen, plus private consultations on a lot more.

Tuesday 7th March 2000
Life and Buddhism in a Burmese Village Flier for membersSummary on e-mail for members
by Naoko Kumada
Cambridge anthropologist Naoko Kumada has recently spent two years in a village near Pakokku, where the Chindwin meets the Irrawaddy. As she coaxed her way into the life of the village, she was fascinated by the way the Buddhist religion was intimately fused with everything else - social relationships, economics, even politics, in addition to the customs and ceremonies of daily life.
Tuesday 4th May 1999
An Economist in Rangoon Summary on e-mail for members
by Professor Anne Booth of SOAS

Professor Booth is an expert on the economies of South-East Asia, for whom Burma was an exciting new prospect. Recently she took part in a symposium on post-colonial society in Rangoon, and in her talk she used that as a jumping-off point to discuss the Burmese and South-East Asian economies.

Tuesday 2nd May 2000
  New Ways to Beat Malaria Flier for membersSummary on e-mail for members
by HE Dr Kyaw Win,
Burmese Ambassador to the UK.

Some old diseases are coming back with new force, and malaria is one of them.
Dr Kyaw Win, who has specialised in the study of malaria and its treatment for most of his life, will look at the problem and international thinking, and what teatments are now being pursued in Burma, illustrating his talk with colour transparencies.
Friday 14th May 1999
All friends of the Britain-Burma Society
were most warmly invited to a Thingyan Pwe
at 6.20 p.m. at Conway Hall, 25 Red Lion Square, London WC1
DISCO!   Burmese dancing!
Burmese food included in ticket price!
Thingyan happiness!

A relaxed occasion to bring along the family and make new friends.
Admission was £9.00 (£6.00 for students and under 18).
£1.00 discount on all tickets bought in advance.
Wednesday 9th June 1999
AGM followed by Antony Barrington Brown
"Film from the Second Overland"
"BB" was photographer on Cambridge University's First Overland expedition to Singapore in 1956 and its followup in 1958. Both expeditions spent some time in Burma. On the second, he put together unusual colour films for TV on Burmese elephants, oil and ruby mining in those days. On this occasion he combined film highlights with high quality transparencies taken on the same expeditions.

This was a slice of history - at the end of the U Nu period - and an unfettered view that has been difficult to achieve since.

Tuesday 27th June 2000
Border Minorities Revisited Flier for membersSummary on e-mail for members
by Martin Smith
Martin Smith, author of the definitive work Burma - Insurgency and the Politics of Ethnicity - has continued to revisit ethnic minority regions throughout the past decade. Tonight he describes a complex pattern of ethnic politics and aspirations.
Tuesday 5th October
The October Reception Flier for membersIllustrated report for members

The first meeting of the new season, when members were welcomed by our Chairman, John Okell, our Deputy Chairman, Dr Daw Tin May Aye, and members of the Council. There were also opportunities, over samosas and a glass of wine, to meet John Okell's incoming successor as Lecturer in Burmese language at SOAS, Dr. Justin Watkins. And there was a display of new books on Burma.

Tuesday 3rd October 2000
The October Reception Flier for members
An opportunity to start off the new season by meeting our Chairman and Council, and drinking wine with other members. There will also be an exhibition of photos of Burma by the British female photographer Joey Bieber, and displays of Burmese lacquer and recent books about Burma.

Thursday 4th November
Dr Sun Myint:

"History of the Modern Art Movement in Burma." Flier for membersPreview of paintings for members

Dr Sun Myint has reached the top of two separate professions - as a consultant oncologist in Liverpool, and one of Burma's most celebrated and prolific artists. A previous talk which he gave some ten years ago was a sell-out. This evening we shall be able to see his work, in the original and colour transparencies, and some paintings are also likely to be on sale.
Thursday 9th November 2000
“White on White” Flier for membersSummary on e-mail for members

by Tiffany White
As a child, Tiffany was fascinated by her grandfather's stories of life in Burma - jungles, pagodas, balloonists and political intrigue. AJS White had spent 16 years in Burma between the wars, as an Indian Civil Servant. The country left a profound impression on him - enough to inspire a book of memoirs, The Burma of AJ. Little did Tiffany know that as an adult she would be posted by the Foreign Office to work (as Second Secretary) in the country her grandfather had so loved.
Grandfather's memoirs in hand, she retraced his footsteps through the paddy fields and backstreets of Burma. And Burma and its people inspired, captivated and confused her just as they had her grandfather.

Tuesday 7th December
Presentation by David Sayers:

"Burma's Botanical Treasures" Summary on e-mail for members

David Sayers is a horticultural consultant who has led botanical tours to Afghanistan, Nepal, Papua New Guinea and many other countries. But his theme for this evening was botanical exploration in Burma. He led the first botanical group there in 1995; then in 1998 was able to enter the restricted area of Mount Victoria in the Chin Hills, following the path of Frank Kingdon-Ward's last Burma expedition in 1956.
Thursday 14th December 2000
"Spirit Journey from Shwegu"
Flier for membersSummary on e-mail for members
by Mandy Sadan
From 1996 a chain of circumstsnces led Mandy Pearson, as she then was, to become one of the few people outside Burma to have explored the multi-layered spirit world of Jinghpaw traditional religion. In this quest, she spent two years learning the Jinghpaws' sacred ritual language. Tonight she leads us through the central Mangbru ceremony, never seen outside Burma.
Meeting dates for 2001: Monday 5th February 2001; Thursday 15th March 2001; Thursday 10th May 2001; Wednesday 20th June 2001; Wednesday 3rd October 2001; Thursday, 8th November 2001, Thursday 13th December 2001.
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