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Planet Burma - Calendar 2006/2007
REFERENCE! Comprehensive Calendar of Burmese Nat and Pagoda Festivals for the Year 2006.
Britain-Burma Society
Regular meetings are at: the Medical Society of London, 11 Chandos Street, LONDON W.1.
Admission is 5.00 per person.
Meetings are confined to members and their guests - and are subject to reporting restrictions.
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Tuesday 31st January 2006
Unlocked: Secrets of the Sazigyo Tapes
by Ralph Isaacs

There are many secret keys to worlds of Burmese culture, and who better than Ralph Isaacs to discover them? Ralph's story began innocently enough in 1991, with a bag of dirty cotton tapes mixed with termite earth, for sale on the Shwedagon Pagoda steps. Ralph was intrigued enough to investigate - and found these were sazigyo - manuscript-binding tapes, whose fascinating message remained long after the palm leaf manuscripts they were supposed to serve had crumbled away.

Sazigyos have a whole language and mystique and tradition of their own, on which Ralph has made himself an expert - the audience could be sure of a consummate exposition from this born showman.

Monday 29th January 2007
'The Lizard Cage'
by Karen Connelly

The Canadian author read from her new book - and showed photographs, many of them accompanied by poems of her own composition.
Thursday 9th March 2006
Getting into Burmese Paintings
by John Glass

This was a real feast for the eyes as John Glass took his audience through the story of Burmese contemporary painting, artist by artist, with all their most famous works in full detail on the big screen.

Tuesday 13th March 2007
The Wa Dilemma
by Tom Kramer

The Wa are a people on the edge - known as head hunters, then Burma Communist Party troops, then narco-traffickers. They have now renounced opium coltivation completely - and their biggest challenge is how to earn their living without it.

Friday 5th May 2006
Burmese Maps and Cartography
by Philip Plumb
Anyone who has travelled in Burma is likely to have developed an interest in the maps that are available - simply because places and routes can be so hard to locate. Actually, it is said that the Japanese forces that invaded Burma in 1942, and so bewildered the British army by popping up hundreds of miles from where they were supposed to be, were simply finding country roads on orthodox British maps - so they were better than the British at map reading.

Which roads and villages do you put on the map? With many names in a state of flux, how do you decide which to use? Cartographers always have these challenges to face - and Philip Plumb took his audience through the solutions they came up with in the case of Burma.

Thursday 3rd May 2007
Chin State and Pyinmana
by Dr Robert H Taylor
Dr Robert Taylor visits Burma often, and is currently working on several books about it. Recently his travels have included two out-of-the-way areas - Chin State in the west, and Pyinmana, where the new administrative capital is sited. He showed slides of both places, and described many of the high and low points of his journeys.
Thursday 15th June 2006
Tourism in Burma
by Paul Strachan

The Britain-Burma Society does not promote or organize tourism to Burma, and we're not about to start now. Since the Burmese opposition led by Daw Aung San Suu Kyi has requested foreign tourists not to visit Burma, this has become a political issue. We are non-political by constitution, and it would not be appropriate for us to meddle.

However, tourism is certainly a reality, and Burma is one of the world's most attractive potential destinations for the tourist, so it would be wrong for us not to turn the eye of analysis onto the Burmese tourist scene from time to time. Much has changed and evolved as the years have gone by - and those who have been until recently working with tourists in Burma know more than anybody the great attractions of it as well as the considerable dangers for the unwary.

Thursday 14th June 2007
Archaeology in Burma
by Dr Elizabeth Moore

Elizabeth Moore is one of the leading experts on Burmese archaeology, and her talk is to mark the release of her new book - Early Landscapes of Myanmar - some of whose 400 colour illustrations she will be showing to us. The book will cost 19.90.
Tuesday 3rd October 2006
The October Reception
The Society's year started in a merry spirit, with wine and samosas and a welcome to new students and members from the Society's President Sir Nicholas Fenn, and its Chairman John Okell.
A young Burmese dancer, Nyo Nyo, gave an elegant dance to a vocal accompaniment led by U Nay Win and U Htein Lin.

Tuesday 2nd October 2007
The October Reception

Tuesday, 7th November 2006
A Different Shade of Green
by Vicky Bowman
Our speaker was Vicky Bowman, who until the summer of 2006 was British Ambassador in Burma. During her three and a half year posting, she observed a growing number of local and international NGOs working in the environmental and nature conservation field. Her talk provided an update on Burma's nascent 'green' movement.
Tuesday 6th November 2007
NB - please note change of date.

Sally Thompson of the Thai Burma Border Consortium will talk of the refugee situation on the Thai-Burma border, and how her own organization has done its best to cope with it for more than 20 years.

Thursday 14th December 2006
Shan Culture, Arts and Crafts
by Dr Susan Conway
Dr Conway talked with slides on the subject of her recent book of the same title.

Tuesday 11th December 2007
(Subject and Speaker to be announced later)

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