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Planet Burma - Calendar 2013/2014
Britain-Burma Society
Regular meetings are at: the Medical Society of London, 11 Chandos Street, LONDON W.1.
Admission is 6.00 per person.
Meetings are confined to members and their guests - and are subject to reporting restrictions.
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Thursday February 7th 2013
A Remarkable Hospital
by John Hamwee

Quite an important hospital in an out-or-the way place.

Tuesday February 18th 2014
"SAZIGYO" - Burmese Manuscript Binding Tapes
by Ralph Isaacs

Ralph Isaacs will introduce his new book on sazigyo tapes, and the whole world of symbolism, meaning and decoration that is compressed into this form of manuscript binding.

Tuesday 26th March 2013
Caroline Courtauld
will talk about her new book entitled Myanmar: Burma in Style, an Illustrated History & Guide and her experiences of Burma.
Thursday 27th March 2014
Dr Tony Whitten and Sophie Benbow
Dr Whitten of Flora and Fauna International will be talking about conservation and development in the Mergui Archipelago. He also has an interest in some of the British individuals who gave their names to individual islands in the old days.
Tuesday 28th May 2013
  Saving Rangoon: the Yangon Heritage Trust
by Philip Davies and Zunetta Herbert

Thursday 15th May 2014
  Treating Psychiatric Illnesses in Burma
by Dr Nwe Win Thein

Dr Nwe Winn Thein will be talking to us about raising awareness of psychiatric illnesses, and their treatment, in Burma. This promises to be a fascinating presentation on an important medical topic that has not been covered before at our meetings. Dr Nwe Winn Thein graduated as a medical doctor in Burma and trained as a psychiatrist in the UK.

Thursday 27th June 2013
Wendy Law-Yone
Tuesday 24th June 2014
Producer and sound artist Francesca Panetta will present

Sounding Burma

playing extracts from recent BBC radio features on Burma and revealing forthcoming projects on the story of the Dhammazedi bell.

Thursday 24th July 2014
Six Years after Nargis
by May Tha-Hla

Six years ago the Delta region of Burma was struck by a terrible cyclone, nicknamed Nargis. It was May Tha Hla who brought us the first news of how the population of Rangoon was rushing relief aid to the sticken area. Now she has returned to the region, to report the new shape of life after Nargis.

Thursday 10th October 2013
The October Reception

Thursday 9th October 2014
The October Reception and AGM

Thursday 14th November 2013
David Marsh

David Marsh will talk on the National Kandawgyi Gardens at Maymyo

Tuesday 25th November 2014
Another Man's War
The Story of a Burma Boy in Britain's Forgotten African Army

by Barnaby Phillips

Mr Phillips introduces his book of the same title - about a Nigerian soldier who fought for the British in the Arakan campaign in World War Two - and was protected by members of the local population.

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