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Planet Burma - Calendar 2011/2012
Britain-Burma Society
Regular meetings are at: the Medical Society of London, 11 Chandos Street, LONDON W.1.
Admission is £6.00 per person.
Meetings are confined to members and their guests - and are subject to reporting restrictions.
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Thursday February 3rd 2011
Sorry - there was no meeting in February
Thursday February 16th 2012
Colonial Era Buildings of Rangoon - A Walk Through the City that Captured Time
by Sarah Rooney
The modern history of Rangoon can be traced through its colonial era architecture. From the monumental former Reserve Bank of India, which records every step of the country’s fiscal history, to the now derelict Pegu Club, which was once the hub of governmental gossip and decision-making, each building has a story to tell.
Tuesday 8th March 2011
"The Rangoon Film School"
by Lindsey Merrison
Linsay Merrison herself founded the Rangoon Film School in 2005. It brings together experienced film-making tutors from around the world with young Burmese to study all aspects of film making. Lindsey will show several short films from the school.
Tuesday 13th March 2012
"Exodus from Burma in 1942"
by Felicity Goodall
Felicity Goodall, a journalist and BBC broadcaster, will talk to us about expatriates in Burma escaping from the Japanese in 1942, based on her recent book, Exodus Burma.
Thursday 5th May 2011

  Aid for Burmese Children in Need
by Duncan Mundell

Duncan Mundell told of his experiences since 2008, setting up a number of projects to help needy people in Burma - and especially children.

Thursday 17th May 2012
"Has Myanmar's Government Really Changed, and If So, Why?"
by Professor Robert Taylor

Robert Taylor started by demonstrating that there was a continuity in the policy of the Burmese government as far as the goal and practice of establishing democracy were concerned, that stretched from the end of Ne Win's regime in 1988 up until the present. Then, as a historian, he talked about what had happened along the way.

Tuesday 14th June 2011
How it came about: Anglo-Burmese medical collaboration
in the field of ENT teaching

by Professor Nick Stafford, Dr Hla Thin and Dr Robin Youngs
All three speakers work in the field of Ear, Nose and Throat Surgery and Audiological Medicine in the UK. The talk will describe how their sustainable partnership with the ENT Teaching Hospital in Rangoon grew up over the past eight years, springing from an original chance meeting.
Tuesday 12th June 2012
From the Chin State to the Delta and the Northern Shan States: Merlin's vital medical work among some of Myanmar's remotest and neediest communities
by Charles Nelson

Merlin's emergency humanitarian work in the Delta in the aftermath of Cyclone Nargis is perhaps the best-known aspect of its presence in Burma; but, as the title of this talk indicates, there has been much more to it than that.

Tuesday 4th October 2011
The October Reception

Thursday 11th October 2012
The October Reception

Thursday 17th November 2011
Burmese Artists
by Dr Arthur Sun Myint

Thursday 15th November 2012
The English Teacher
by Felicity Goodall

Felicity, the author of Exodus Burma: The British Escape Through the Jungles of Death 1942
(see above) went to Burma recently to teach English. She will tell of her experiences.

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