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Planet Burma - Glimpses from a Bygone Era
Do you have piles of priceless old sepia photos of Burma in your attic? Some author or publisher might give his right arm to find out about them. Send in one or two to this page, and you will be credited if it is used . All photos will be returned to their owners - a self-addressed envelope would be very welcome, though.
It is a monk's funeral.
A procession of floats - including paper representations of elephants, hinthas and palaces - passes down the main street of Shwebo.
The long poles are to lift telephone wires out of harm's way as a float passes.
These photographs are sent in by Heather Duroiselle, whose family lived for many years near Mogok - and they were very likely taken by her sister.
The procession ends in a field, where there are three days of pwes before the deceased - and all the paper creations - join the funeral pyre.

These photos of Padaung (or more properly Kayan) women come from Lewis Shaw, and were taken in 1947 at Hwariku Village. The neck rings were traditionally an embellishment and a sign of status - but wearers could still do their share of physical work if they had to, as these photos show.