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Burma Book Web Sites
  • Amazon (US)
  • Amazon (UK)
  • Asia Books
  • Asian Rare Books
  • BPAgency
  • Burma Books
  • Internet Bookshop
  • Kiscadale
  • Myanmar Book Centre
  • Orchid Press
  • White Lotus
  •, based in the US, give facilities to search for and buy a vast range of books - including those on Burma. To gather the full range of books on Burma, go to the bottom of the search page and type "Subject: Burma or Myanmar" in the box, then click on the POWER SEARCH NOW button. is the one to use if you are located in the UK.
    The Asian Experts , based in Brisbane, Australia, have a long and very interesting list of books on Burma. Contact person: Len Lambourne (
    Asian Rare Books of New York has a list which includes various books on Burma.
    BPAgency is the web site of an Indian book seller named Girish Gupta. The vast stock listed on this site covers great numbers of subjects, mostly of interest to the Indian sub-continent, but there are said to be some hundreds of rare, out-of-print and new titles on Burma if you follow the "Myanmar" link and are prepared to chase around a little, filling up boxes and pushing buttons.
    Burma Books is a web site that includes 200 books on Burma. Contact person: Daniel Johnston MD (
    Kiscadale Publications specialise in lavishly illustrated works on Burmese art, architecture, religion etc.
    Myanmar Book Centre is a real treasure trove. MBC, with a Yangon address, was formed in 1996 as an export-import company specialising in periodicals and books on Burma, and all materials published in Burmese and other indigenous languages. They also supply copies of books where there are too few originals to go round. This web site offers an enormous number of titles, most of them published outside Burma, and referring to a time before the current political era, though there is a modern section on trade and economy. Prices are in US dollars - and not at all high. Contact person: Myat Thaw Kaung (
    Orchid Press, based in Bangkok, has recently gained a full representation on the Internet for the very considerable range of books on Burma that it publishes (many of them also mentioned on our Book News pages). This site is well worth a visit.
    Orchids are not the only flowers to inspire the names of publishing houses in Thailand. White Lotus Press also includes many Burma books in its output.