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Book News
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Brief notes on some books concerning Burma that have appeared in the last year or so.

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*Also reviewed.
  • Rangoon 1941*
  • Abhaya: Burma's fearlessness*
  • Myanmar: Burma in Style*
  • 30 heritage buildings of Yangon*
  • Burma: A Nation at the Crossroads*
  • Where China meets India*
  • Exodus Burma*
  • The Lady and the Peacock*
  • Sacred Sites of Burma*
  • State of Vaccination*
  • The Road to Wanting*
  • Burma/Myanmar: What Everyone Needs to Know*
  • Under Running Laughter*
  • Burmese Painting*
  • The State in Myanmar*
  • Almost Englishmen: Baghdadi Jews in British Burma*
  • The Pa-O*
  • The Kinwun Min-Gyi's London Diary, 1872*
  • Last of the Guardians*
  • Great Tey to Rangoon*
  • White Butterflies*
  • The Forgotten War*
  • Textiles from Burma*
  • Kelly's Burma Campaign*
  • Tales by Japanese Soldiers of the Burma Campaign
  • Theravada Buddhism in Burma
  • Sanskrit Buddhism in Burma
  • Brahmanical Gods of Burma
  • Of Cats and Kings
  • Our Trip to Burmah
  • Festivals and Flowers of the Twelve Burmese Seasons
  • From the Land of Green Ghosts
  • The Stone of Heaven - Imperial Green Jade
  • Welcome to Burma and Enjoy the Totalitarian Experience
  • Journal of a Tour through Pegu and Martaban Provinces
  • Buddhist Stupas in Asia
  • Burmese Lacquerware
  • The Trouser People
  • In Search of Sunlight: Burmese Migrant Workers in Thailand
  • Splendour in Wood: the Buddhist Monasteries of Burma
  • Mon Nationalism and Civil War in Burma
  • Aung San and the Struggle for Burmese Independence
  • Beyond the Last Village: a Journal of Discovery
  • Burma - the Curse of Independence*
  • The Heart Must Break
  • Burma's Lost Kingdoms: Splendours of Arakan
  • The Royal Administration of Burma
  • Brave Men of the Hills
  • Burma-Myanmar: Strong Regime, Weak State?
  • The Making of Modern Burma
  • The British Humiliation of Burma
  • Living Silence
  • Ma Ma Hta
  • My Vanished World
  • The Burmese Harp
  • Strengthening Civil Society in Burma
  • Ballads of Burma
  • Chinthe Women*
  • Economic Development of Burma*
  • Epilogue in Burma 1945-48*
  • The Glass Palace* (novel)
  • Burmese Cuisine
  • In Grandpa's Footsteps
  • Among Insurgents*
  • Visions from the Golden Land*
  • Burma Frontier Photographs
  • The Folk-tales of Burma
  • Through the Jungle of Death*
  • Burma '47*
  • Lord of the Celestial Elephant
  • The White Umbrella*
  • Whispers at the Pagoda*
  • Insurgency and the Politics of Ethnicity*
  • Nationalism as Political Paranoia in Burma*
  • The Art of Burma*
  • Political Economy under Military Rule
  • A Study of the Burmese Rama Story
  • Shwé-Chi-Hto: Tapisserie
  • Pagan: Histoire et Légendes
  • Mandalay's Child (novel)
  • Mental Culture in Burmese Crisis Politics*
  • Karenni: The Forgotten War
  • Shades of Gold and Green...Colonial Burmah
  • Voices of '88
  • Burma 1942: The Japanese Invasion*
  • The House of Yang
  • Myth and History in the Historiography of Burma
  • Myanmar Style - Art, Architecture & Design
  • There Before You - the Traveller's History
  • Lines from a Shining Land*
  • Under the Dragon*
  • Inroads into Burma
  • Heavenly Abodes and Human Development
  • The Vanishing Tribes of Burma*
  • Aung San Suu Kyi - Fearless Voice of Burma*
  • The Journal of Burma Studies - (inaugural issue)
  • Burma Ruby* (novel)
  • The Political Ecology of Forestry in Burma 1824-1994
  • Burma - The Challenge of Change in a Divided Society
  • Back to Mandalay
  • Who Killed Aung San?
  • On the Road to Mandalay - Tales of Ordinary People*
  • Transforming the Tatmadaw
  • Lonely Planet Guide to Burma
  • Mawchi: Mining, War & Insurgency