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Burma Book News 2
Book News
Brief notes on some books concerning Burma that have appeared in the last year or so.
The most recent notes are at the top.

Oct 99
The Art of Burma - New Studies
Edited by Donald M. Stadtner
Hardback: £38.00, US$60.00
(Society members: £28.00, US$49.00 inc P&P)
128 pages
Marg Publications
Army & Navy Building (3rd Floor)
148, Mahatma Gandhi Rd
Mumbai 400 001

A new and broad-ranging perspective on Burmese art, published in India, with 75 colour and 50 black and white pictures. Top names write on Pyu and Mon art, Pagan bronzes and architecture, cloth paintings, court manuscripts, lacquer, and jewellery, etc.
NOTE - The publishers of this book have offered a 30% discount to Britain-Burma Society members.
See Review

Top pundits on Burmese politics attempt to explain the long life and vigour of the "temporary" military regime installed in 1988. Martin Smith, David Steinberg, Joseph Silverstein (& Robert H Taylor himself).

Due Dec/Jan 2000:
Burma: Political Economy under Military Rule
Ed Robert H Taylor

£35 hardback, £15 paperback
C. Hurst & Co. (Publishers) Ltd.
38 King Street,
Covent Garden
London WC2E 8JZ, UK
Phone: (44) 171-240-2666;
Fax: (44) 171-240-2667
E-mail: .
June 99:
A Study of the Burmese Rama Story
by Ohno Toru
Publications of the
Osaka University of Foreign Studies
No 24, 1999
A Study of the Burmese Rama Story by Ohno Toru, with an English translation from a duplicate printing of the original palm leaf manuscript written in Burmese language in 1871.
l'Art de la Tapisserie Brodée en Birmanie
by Guy Lubeigt
Kailash Editions
Paris & Pondicherry

69 rue Saint-Jacques,
75005 Paris
Pagan: Histoire et Légendes

Contribution à la géographie historique
d'une capitale médiévale indochinoise

by Guy Lubeigt

Kailash Editions,
69 rue Saint-Jacques,
75005 Paris
Mandalay's Child is a novel by Wisconsin-based Society member Dr Prem Sharma, who trekked out of Burma at the age of ten and then experienced Partition in India before returning to Burma. The novel - with a dust jacket of Mrauk-U mists - explores these traumatic themes through the eyes of a young girl before moving on to a message of hope.
Mandalay's Child

by Dr Prem Sharma

Bookwrights Press,
Charlottesville, VA, USA
$12.00 + postage.
(001) 414 352 5858.

Mental Culture in Burmese Crisis Politics:
Aung San Suu Kyi and the National League for Democracy
by Dr Gustaaf Houtman
Tokyo: Institute for the Study of Languages & Cultures of Asia & Africa,
Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, 1999.
(ILCAA Monograph Series no. 33).
ISBN 4-87297-748-3
In Mental Culture in Burmese Crisis Politics, Dr Gustaaf Houtman. compares many images of Daw Aung San Suu Kyi - as seen by the West, by the Burmese government, and through the eyes of Burmese Buddhist culture.

Review by Patricia Herbert in Members' Area
Dean Chapman won this year's European Publishers Award for Photography.
Nov 98:

The Forgotten War
of a Nation Beseiged
by Dean Chapman
Devi Lewis Publishing;
ISBN 1-899235-96-5

Shades of Gold and Green
Anecdotes of Colonial Burmah, 1886-1948

by Nicholas Greenwood

ISBN 0-9518491-1-5
hardback - 292 pages.
£24.95 in shops
or £19.00 (inc UK post) for a signed copy direct from the author
N Greenwood at 36c Sisters Ave,
London SW11 5SQ, UK
Tel 0171 223 8987

Scarlet Crabs and Burmese chicken, the Salween Swim and Maymyo Hunt - a bundle of travellers' tales from many unknown but entertaining writers.
From the Open Society Institute - a collection in magazine format of cartoons and poems from and about the democracy movement in 1988 - in Burmese and English, plus photos and a brief English outline of events. This accompanies a touring exhibition of the same name.
Voices of '88
Apply to OSI Burma Project,
400 West 59th St,
New York, NY 10019, USA.
No price tag for the mag
- but a donation of $5.00
(for Burmese Students Educational Fund)
is suggested.
Nov 96
Burma 1942:
The Japanese Invasion

by Ian Lyall Grant and
Dr Kazuo Tamayama OBE
Zampi Press,
6, St Martin's Square,
P019 1NT
inc. UK post
The story of the Japanese invasion and British retreat, written from sources on both sides. Brings to light many hard-fought encounters, with mistakes as well as heroism. The small British force was more successful than is generally realised. Many maps are in colour.
R e v i e w
A history of the Yang family and the opium-rich Kokang area they rule, on the Burma-China border. A finely-produced first-hand account by a member of the family, written for historians but with personal touches.
OCT 96:
The House of Yang

by Yang Li
(Jackie Yang)
ISBN 0646 32859X
order from Yang-li,
PO Box 540,
ACT 2607
Hardback: A$49.95;
soft back A$35 plus postage.
SEPT 96:
Myth and History
in the Historiography of Burma -
Paradigms, Primary Sources and Prejudices

by Michael Aung Thwin

Ohio University Press
& University of South-East Asia
ISBN 981-230-023-6
A lavish coffee-table book, full of colour photos.
Nov 98:
Myanmar Style -
Art, Architecture & Design of Burma
By Elizabeth Moore
& V Di Croco
Invernizzi, Luca.
Tuttle Publishing.
There Before You -
the Traveller's History of Burma

by Gerry Abbott
Published by Orchid Press in Bangkok
ISBN 974-89846-9-9
A history from year dot to Independence, concentrating on places of interest to tourists and visitors. Well illustrated.