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Book News
Brief notes on some books concerning Burma that have appeared in the last year or so.
The most recent notes are at the top.

October 2000
Epilogue in Burma 1945-48:
The military dimension of British withdrawal
by John McEnery

Published by White Lotus,
Soft back, £15.00
from John McEnery
37 Leinster Ave
London SW14 7JW
Earlier published in hard back, Epilogue in Burma 1945-48, offers a powerful and individual perspective on the fast-moving scene in Burma before Independence in 1948.
NB - Britain-Burma Society members see in-depth review by Philip Plumb in Members Area.
All can see the lite review.
NOTE - The author of this book has offered a discount to Britain-Burma Society members.

In The Glass Palace
Amitav Ghosh tells a story which covers three generations, the rise and fall of dynasties (and particularly Burma's last ruling household) - and the lives of ordinary people too. Some Indian slant is apparent.
See Review
Summer 2000
The Glass Palace
(a novel)

by Amitav Ghosh
Hardback, 552 pages
Published by HarperCollins Publishers,
77-85 Fulham Palace Road,
London W6 8JB
October 2000
Burmese Cuisine
by the Burmese Doctors' Association, UK
Spiral bound, 46 pages
Obtainable from:
Dr Hsan Hla Htwe
17, Lincoln Close,
Eastbourne BN20 7TZ
Phone: 01323 430228
Special price: £5.00
Plus £1.50 post & packing (UK)
Outside UK - enquire!

A4 size and spiral bound - a really classy example of desktop publishing. 43 Burmese recipes from a long list of doctors in the UK - and with a wealth of high-quality colour illustrations.
Douglas Dickins visits and celebrates a wide range of countries from Japan to Canada, Bali to Borneo and Turkey to Thailand - including Burma. Photographs, anecdotes, recollections and sceptical reflections on history and customs.
In Grandpa's Footsteps
by Douglas Dickins
£20.00 from the author
at 2 Wessex Gardens,
Golders Green,
London NW11 9RT
May 2000
Among Insurgents
by Shelby Tucker

Hardback: £24.50
Published by The Radcliffe Press
ISBN: 1860645291
Paperback: £8.00
Published by Flamingo
ISBN: 0007127057
Among Insurgents is the fascinating book of Shelby's 1989 trek across South China and Burma to India. For him, Burma was just another hike across untrodden territory; but the book catches the uncertainty and improvisations of every day, and fascinating detail of places reached and people met.
Visions from the Golden Land
is the fully illustrated catalogue of the recent British Museum exhibition of Burmese lacquer - remarkable in its sumptuousness and scope.
A l s o   S e e   R e v i e w
May 2000:
Visions from the Golden Land
by Ralph Isaacs and T Richard Blurton
11 inches by 8; 240 pages;
150 colour pictures, 50 bw
Cased £40.00
Paperback £25.00
Order from The Marketing Executive,
British Museum Press,
46 Bloomsbury St,
London WC1B 3QQ
May 2000
Burma - Frontier Photographs
by Elizabeth Dell, John Falconer, Mandy Sadan, David Odo
9 inches by 11, 192 pp
Hardback, £29.95
Merrel Publishers,
42 Southwark Street,
London SE1 1UN

Burma: Frontier Photographs
is a magnificent book of 250 black and white photographs from 1920s Burma. Taken to document John Green's anthropological and military work among the Kachin, Shan, Chin, Kayah and Karen peoples, and accompanied by oral histories.
NOTE - The publishers of this book have offered a 20% discount to Britain-Burma Society members.
The Folk-tales of Burma
includes 101 folk tales of many ethnic groups, illustrated with line drawings and some 50 pages of comments by experts. A must for academic libraries, at £54.00.
June 2000:
The Folk-tales of Burma -
an introduction
by Gerry Abbott and Khin Thant Han
Publisher: Handbuch der Orientalistik
Brill • Leiden • Boston • Köln
393 pages
Hardback £54.00
March 2000
Through the Jungle of Death -
A Boy's Escape from Wartime Burma

by Stephen Brookes
Hardback, 272 pages
Published by John Murray,
50 Albemarle Street,
London W1X 4BD
Shop price: £16.99
Discounted price for
Society members: £14.00

(from Discounts web page)

In 1942, a seven year old boy treks to India with his English father and Burmese mother, via China, the Burma Road and the jungle swamps of the Hukawng Valley. Absorbing reading.
A l s o   S e e   R e v i e w
Society member Gavin Fowells was so fascinated by the BBC film on the murder of Aung San that he spent months combing the official records of the period. This intriguing booklet names no culprits but brings together dozens of inconsistencies and starting points for more research.
A l s o   S e e   R e v i e w
From the Dogs of War to a
Brave New World and Back Again -
by Gavin Fowells

£5.95 from the author
at 5 Sunley House,
Gunthorpe St,
London E1 7RW
(Go to Discounts page.)
Dec 99:
Lord of the Celestial Elephant
by Elaine Halton

Order from the author at:
Lower Oakley,
IP21 4AP.
MEMBERS DISCOUNT: actually no discount, but this is already a wholesale price at £9.50 plus £1.50 p&p
Society member Elaine Halton tells the fascinating story of her grandfather, Prince Mowng Lat, the last Crown Prince of Burma, grandson of Tharrawaddy.
Illustrations include 20 pages of colour plates.
Patricia Elliott tells the story of Sao Hearn Kham - who was born in 1916 a princess of Hsenwi and married Sao Shwe Thaik - the Sawbwa of Yaunghwe; so she was his Mahadevi there before the war, and stayed on in Yanghwe under Japanese rule in 1942. In 1948, her husband was made first President of Burma, so she moved to the presidential palace in Rangoon. Later she was a member of parliament representing her birthplace. However, in the military coup of 1962, Sao Shwe Thaik was a major target, and died later that year. Sao Hearn Kham fled Burma in 1963, and helped found a rebel army, the SSA. She now lives in exile in Canada.
NOTE - The publishers of this book have offered a 25% discount on the net price to Britain-Burma Society members.
A l s o   S e e   R e v i e w
1999: The White Umbrella
by Patricia Elliott
With a prologue by Bertil Lintner
Post Books, 6th Floor,
Bangkok Post Bldg,
136 Na Ranong Road,
Klong Toey,
Bangkok 10110,
Fax 662-671 9698
£7.55 / US$12.00
(£5.66 / $9.00 for Society members)
all plus postage of £5.66 / $9.00
Order online from
Nov 99
Burma - Insurgency and the
Politics of Ethnicity

by Martin Smith
Hardback: £50.00, US$69.95
Paperback: £20.00, US$29.95
(Society members: £15.00 / $24.00 inc P&P)
544 pp - Maps etc.
Publisher: ZED BOOKS
7 Cynthia Street
London N1 9JF
Tel: +44 (0)0171 837 8466
Fax: 0171 833 3960
Zed Web Site:

This landmark work by Martin Smith was well worth revising and updating to take in all that has happened in the 1990s: the ethnic ceasefire movement and the continued deadlock between three key groupings - Burmese Army, democracy movement and ethnic opposition groups.
NOTE - The publishers of this book have offered a 25% discount to Britain-Burma Society members.
See Review
This Danish author has a special interest in the Karen language and people, and believes that historical processes have caused ethnically-based nationalism to escalate in Burma into a state of constant violence.

Review by Patricia Herbert in Members' Area
Nationalism as Political Paranoia in Burma:
an essay on the historical practice of power
by Mikael Gravers

London: Curzon Press, 1999
15 The Quadrant,
Tel: +44 (0)181 948 4660
2nd Edition
167 pp
$45.00 hardback, $21.95 paperback
Nov 99:
Whispers at the Pagoda -
Portraits of Modern Burma

by Julie Sell
Orchid Press,
ISBN: 9748304361
A new human rights book by American journalist Julie Sell. This features interviews with Burmese people - many of them in distress of one kind or another.
See Review