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Book News
In Search of Sunlight:
Burmese Migrant Workers in Thailand

by Pim Koetsawang
176 pp, 12 illustrations, map
ISBN 974-8304-92-2
PB $17.00 £10.99
From Orchid Books (Thailand)
or Kodansha (UK)
NB - 25% discount from Kodansha for Britain-Burma Society members.

The female author describes a wretched existence eked out in Thailand by Burmese people who have fled from difficulties in their own country, only to find harsh conditions on the Thai side. She lived among these migrant people to write the book.

Splendour in Wood introduces the reader to the beauty and genius of Burmese craftsmanship as expressed in the construction and embellishment of Buddhist wooden monasteries.
Aug 2001
Splendour in Wood:
The Buddhist Monasteries of Burma

by Sylvia Fraser-Lu
272 pages - 200 colour plates,
over 150 halftones & line drawings.
A4 size
ISBN 974-8304-16-7
HB $75 - £39
From Orchid Books (Thailand)
or Kodansha (UK)
NB - 25% discount from Kodansha for Britain-Burma Society members.
June 2001
Aung San and the Struggle
for Burmese Independence

by Angelene Naw
300 pages - PB
$25.00 - £14.99
Published by the Nordic Institute of Asian Studies
ISBN: 1559637994

Biography of the 'father of Burmese Independence', Aung San, based on interviews and much other primary as well as secondary material

The last village is Putao, in the north of Kachin State. That was the starting point of the author's 1993 scientific expedition north into the foothills of the Himalayas.
Aug 2001
Beyond the Last Village:
A Journey of Discovery in
Asia's Forbidden Wildernesses

By Alain Rabinowitz
300 pages - HB - $25.00
Published by Island Press
ISBN: 1559637994
Oct 2001
Burma - the Curse of Independence
by Shelby Tucker

Published by Pluto Press,
ISBN 07453 1541 and 07453 1546 1
£40 HB, £13.99 PB

Burma - the Curse of Independence, Shelby Tucker's second book about Burma, distils the story of Burma's extraordinarily complex troubles into gripping narrative. This is really history for the non-academic, but includes plenty of material with an insider's point of view.
NB - REVIEW by Philip Plumb

The Heart Must Break is the autobiography of the pro-democracy campaigner James Mawdesley, with accounts of his time and incarceration in Burma.
Aug 2001
The Heart Must Break
by James Mawdesley
Hardback - 396 pages
Published by Century
ISBN: 0712679219
Burma's Lost Kingdoms:
Splendours of Arakan

By Pamela Gutman
Photography by Zaw Min Yu
A4 size
$45.00 / £29.00
From Orchid Books (Thailand)
or Kodansha (UK)
NB - 25% discount from Kodansha for Britain-Burma Society members.

2,000 years ago, Arakan was already a flourishing cosmopolitan state. Here is a comprehensive 200-page history, with 80 photographs and 5 maps, in coffee table (A4) size.
First published in Burmese in 1931, The Royal Administration of Burma describes the working of pre-colonial and colonial Burmese governments.
The Royal Administration of Burma
by Pagan Undauk U Tin
Translated by Euan Bagshawe
Ava Publishing House
1173-1179 Srinakharin Road
Suan Luang,
Bangkok 10250
Brave Men of the Hills
by Parimal Ghosh

Published by Hurst,
38 King Street,
Hardback, £35.00
Discounted price for
Society members: £26.25

(from Discounts web page)
Brave Men of the Hills is the story of Burmese resistance to British rule - not just after the abolition of the monarchy in 1885 but the whole story from 1825 up to Saya San's revolt in the early 1930s
In a South-East Asia where regimes have been fast changing, Burma's current military government is unusually long-lasting. The book has contributions from Mary Callahan, Andrew Selth, David Steinberg, Craig Reynolds, Mya Than, Bertil Lintner, Morten Pedersen and Mohan Malik.
Strong Regime, Weak State?

Paperback: £16.50
Published by Hurst, London
Discounted price for
Society members: £14.00

(from Discounts web page)
The Making of Modern Burma
by Dr Thant Myint U
Cambridge University Press
Edinburgh Building
Shaftesbury Road
Cambridge CB2 2RU
Tel: +44 (1223) 312393
Hardback, £45
Softback: £16
ISBN: 0521799147

In The Making of Modern Burma Dr Thant Myint U - who is the grandson of UN Secretary-General U Thant - contests the normal portrayal of Burma as a timeless place of pagodas, monks and farmers, ruled by Burmese, British and again Burmese governments. He argues that in fact modern Burma is very different from its long past, and largely the creation of the nineteenth century - a period of great change, away from the Ava-based polity of early modern times, and towards the 'British Burma' of the 1900s.

The British Humiliation of Burma
A richly illustrated catalogue of awful behaviour towards the Kingdom of Burma by 19th Century British governments, including three Anglo-Burmese Wars.
The British Humiliation of Burma
by Terence Blackburn
ISBN 974-8304-66-3
£15 softback
From Orchid Books (Thailand)
or Kodansha (UK)
NB - 25% discount from Kodansha for Britain-Burma Society members.
Living Silence -
Burma under Military Rule

by Christina Fink
HB: £49.95; PB:£16.95
Published by ZED BOOKS
7 Cynthia Street
N1 9JF
NOTE - The publishers of this book have offered a 12.5% discount to Britain-Burma Society members.

A hard-hitting political book based on extensive interviews, it includes a political history of Burma particularly since 1988. Describes accommodations made by Burmese people to military rule, plus some innovative forms of resistance.

At the age of 28, Ma Ma Hta was made a village headwoman by the Japanese because her father was infirm. But she had the courage to defy the Japanese, and win their respect. A most remarkable story from this period.
Ma Ma Hta
by Denise MacDonald
Paternoster Press
£7.99 from the author
at 36 Canterbury Court,
Church Road,
DISCOUNTED TO £6.00 for UK members - send member identity voucher.
My Vanished World
by Nel Adams

Order from the author at:
7, Halton Station Road
Sutton Weaver,
WA7 3EL,
Soft back: £8.99
(includes £1 UK postage)

Nel Adams, who was formerly Sao Noan Oo, looks back on her early days as a Shan princess in Mong Tai, and describes Shan State up to the end of the sawbwas' reign in the 1960s.
Full title: The Burmese Harp - its Classical Music, Tunings and Modes.
Muriel Williamson first learned to play the Burmese harp while studying in Mandalay from 1958 to 1962, and she became a leading authority on it.
2000: The Burmese Harp
by Muriel Williamson
Northern Illinois University
Soft back - $24.95
Strengthening Civil Society in Burma
Publisher:the Burma Centre, Netherlands
Transnational Institute
Netherland Institute
The full title is "Strengthening Civil Society in Burma: Possibilities and Dilemmas for International NGOs" which sums up the content too.

First published in 1912, this is a volume from Orchid Books' "Colonial Library of Dignified Irreverence" - devoted to the lighter sides of life east of Suez.
Ballads of Burma
by 'Oolay'
Illustrated by T Martin Jones
116 pp, 37 ill.
ISBN 974-8299-32-5
$30.00 hardback (£19)
From Orchid Books (Thailand)
or Kodansha (UK)
NB - 25% discount from Kodansha for Britain-Burma Society members.
Spring 2001
Chinthe Women:
Women's Auxiliary Service Burma 1942-1946
Researched and edited by Sally and Lucy Jaffé.

Available from Chinthe Women,
c/o Rock Hill Cottage,
Chipping Norton,
OX7 5BA.
Soft back; Cost £5 incl. post and packing.
The story of the 'Wasbies' - gallant girls who provided a canteen service for allied forces during the second world war in Burma.
NB - Britain-Burma Society members see in-depth review by Philip Plumb in Members Area.
All can see the lite review.
Some Publishers' Addresses:
C. Hurst & Co (Publishers),
38 King Street,
Covent Garden,
Tel: +44 (0)207 240 2666
Orchid Press
P.O. BOX 19
Yuttitham Post Office
Bangkok 10907
Tel: +66 (2) 930 0149
Kodansha Europe Ltd,
Tavern Qy Community Centre,
Rope Street,
SE16 7TX,
Tel: +44 (0) 20 7740 2770
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